Azur Anti-glare Blue Rear View Mirrors [LEFT/RIGHT]

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The Azur mirror is made of the super clear automotive-grade glass lens and has a shatter-proof function. Compared to the most bike mirrors in the market, this mirror is NOT made of cheap and environment unfriendly plastic acrylic. It is clear and slightly convex so you can get a better view to see what's behind you!

With the Hafny HD Automotive Anti-glare Blue Lens, it provides 60% anti-glare function in bright environments. This level of the anti-glare functionality is widely used for cars. 

The slightly convex surface provides a better view to ensure you can see rear traffic which makes for safer riding. It is ideal for the Australian market given the high levels of UV and glare required to navigate in the hot climate.


- Lens: Automotive grade HD glass

- Base: High impact nylon fiber

- Clamp: Aluminum ED black

- Application: Flat 21~26 mm diameter handlebar

- Assembly: Hex key 5mm

- Blue Lens: Anti-glare 60% eliminates glare in a normal environment


  • Clear HD automobile used lens for a better view

  • Blast resistant lens for a safe ride

  • High-impact durable frame 

  • Fully recyclable lens for a better planet

  • Adjustable viewing angles

  • Design for flat handlebar bikes like E-bike, Hybrid, Cruiser

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