Carbon Lite Electric Folding Bike [Black]

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Assembly Difficulty


If you are unsure about bike assembly we would recommend taking it to a bike shop or licenced bike mechanic to assemble

Brisbane assembly service available

Let Next Gen assemble the bike for you

With everyone being time poor it's great to know that you have the option of fully assembled pickup. This is available for all our local Brisbane customers.

All our bikes come pre-assembled and only require basic assembly but some models can be a little more challenging than others. Each model gives a guide on assembly difficulty along with an approximate assembly time.

If you are having any difficulty with assembly we are only a phone call away. We can work it out together.

For those who don't want to assemble the bike for only $79 we can do it for you.

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Average time to self assemble: 1.5 hours

Rider height

"...the single biggest advantage is the inclusion of a torque sensor-based pedal assist system..."
"The bike is powered by a 250W hub motor, that features a more advanced and lighter weight motor."

Carbon Lite

One of the world's lightest carbon fibre folding ebikes

The perfect lightweight bike that folds away in seconds and can easily be transported on the train to work or in the back of your camper. Weighing only 13.8kg this is a fraction of the weight of other ebikes on the market. Save your back and storage space with the Carbon Lite!

Technical Specifications

What makes Carbon Light a leader in its class?

The Carbon Lite Difference

Lightweight carbon fibre frame

The use of carbon fibre material creates a light and easy to carry ebike. Not only is it lighter but the material is stronger than aluminium creating less vibration when rider. The result is a more comfortable ride with less effort when commuting.

The Carbon Lite Difference

The best folding structure

The simple, quick and easy to fold structure saves you time and effort. The key is in the aluminium alloy folding mechanism which is perfectly embeded with the carbon fibre. The design ensures longitudinal rigity, lateral deformation resistance resulting in the ultimate folding frame design.

The Carbon Lite Difference

Powerful and safe motor

Using a torque sensor to sense the pedal force achieves a low latency, accurate, and maintenance-free ride. The other benefit is a safer ride and with 40Nm the Carbon Lite can conquer any slope needed with ease.

The Carbon Lite Difference

Integrated lighting

Ride in the knowledge that no matter the weather you will be visible with LED integrated lighting. Powered by the battery the lighting will illuminate your ride whether it is cloudy or dark outside.

The Carbon Lite Difference

Hydraulic brakes

Improved stopping power for safer riding. The Carbon Lite provides hydraulic braking for the ultimate riding experience.

The Carbon Lite Difference

Simple and clear display

Simplicity and clarify are at the heart of the display design. Precise battery indicator provided with charge in 1% increments means you will never have to guess how much range is left on your ebike.

The Carbon Lite Difference

Quality German made tyres

Schwalbe are a world leading ebike tyre manufacturer. The Schwalbe Big Apple tyres are lightweight, all-round tyre that provides K-Guard protection against punctures. The slim 1.75 inch wheel makes it a perfect choice for urban commuting.