Carbon Lite Folding Electric Bike [Black] **Pre-sale due 31/12/21**

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Introducing one of the lightest ebikes available in the world. The CARBON LITE is another level of light due to the carbon fibre frame that weighs around 1/3 of the weight of aluminium alloy. 

Light & powerful

Don't be fooled into thinking that lightweight doesn't equal frame durability. The carbon fibre frame has more surface strength than both iron and aluminium alloy as the mold has no welded parts. This means the frame provides both strength and beauty with no unsightly welding.

The carbon fibre frame of the CARBON LITE will also make for a smoother and easier ride due to the natural dampening ability of the material. With less vibrations (except good ones) you will feel a far more enjoyable experience as you ride along on your ultra light and ultra sexy ride.

3D Integrated forging stem

Designed to leverage all the benefits of 3D printing technology: strength and lightness. Manufactured with continuous Al-alloy technology, creating a unique aesthetic and top-notch performance.⠀

**New stock due 31/12/21**


MODELCarbon Lite

MOTOR POWER: 250W brushless gear hub motor with torque sensor

BATTERY: 36V, 6.4Ah (3hr charge time) LG cells

RANGE: 50km approx.

GEARS: Shimano Outer 7-speed

BIKE MODESManual, Pedal-assist mode & Throttle assist mode

BRAKES: Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes

TYRES: 20 inch x 1.75 inch Schwalbe tyres

FRAME: Carbon fibre

SUSPENSION: hard suspension

MAX SPEED: 25km/h

MAX LOAD: 100kg

NET WEIGHT: 13.8kg

WARRANTY: 12 months