Next Gen Cargo Plus Electric Bike [White]

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Assembly Difficulty


If you are unsure about bike assembly we would recommend taking it to a bike shop or licenced bike mechanic to assemble


Let Next Gen assemble the bike for you

With everyone being time poor it's great to know that you have the option of fully assembled pickup. This is available for all our local Brisbane customers.

All our bikes come pre-assembled and only require basic assembly but some models can be a little more challenging than others. Each model gives a guide on assembly difficulty along with an approximate assembly time.

If you are having any difficulty with assembly we are only a phone call away. We can work it out together.

For those who don't want to assemble the bike for only $79 we can do it for you.

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Average time to self assemble: 2 hours

Rider height

Big motor, for big hauling.
The range is ridiculous on this ride, which just adds to the functionality!

Cargo Plus

The long haul specialist at a great price

The Cargo Plus is one of the best value for money buys in the Australian electric bike market. Packed with a ton of standard features this bike punches above its weight. With the option to upgrade battery from single to dual the range can go from good to outstanding!

Technical Specifications

What makes the Cargo Plus a leader in its class

The Cargo Plus difference

Powerful motor

With 750W of nominal power this bike can power up hills whether loaded or not. The rear drive hub motor is quiet and ultra-reliable.

The Cargo Plus difference

Dual battery upgrade option for insane range!

The standard 11.6Ah battery will delivers a solid 550Wh. However, when upgraded to a 14Ah with an additional 17Ah second battery the range can climb to over 120km in a single charge. That's a mind blowing range on a single charge.

The Cargo Plus difference

Luxurious LCD display

A simple, yet elegant LCD display that provides all the relevant information you need to ensure a great riding experience. Coupled with waterproof connectors it is a design that will endure.

The Cargo Plus difference

Adjustable folding stem

With a foldable stem you have the best of both worlds. Firstly, the ability to tailor the handlebar height to suit your riding style. Secondly, to fold the handlebars down to reduce bike footprint for easy storage or transporting.

The Cargo Plus difference

Integrated Rear Rack

The wooden platform provides the perfect template for various cargo loading options. With strong frame support it can accommodate panniers, rear child seats, platforms or baskets. The choices are many with this solid base.

The Cargo Plus difference

Easy to remove battery

For convenient and safe charging simply turn the key and release the battery. The beauty of a removeable battery is that charging no longer involves moving the bike to the nearest plug. When out remove the battery to prevent theft.

The Cargo Plus difference

Adjustable seat post

The telescoping seat post will add an additional 300mm of rider height. The adjustable seat coupled together with the handlebars create a wide rider height range.

E-Bike with massive range

"Overall, the Eunorau Max Cargo 2.0 is a very capable cargo bike ready to support a couple of kids, one full size passenger or just a bunch of gear."

The Cargo Plus school run

Featuring Clara Woolley the co-pilot.