48V 12.5Ah & 17.5Ah seat tube/Silver fish case ebike battery for Street Chic & Street Smart

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Battery upgrade suitable for Street Chic and Street Smart electric bikes.

Battery specifications

Battery size: 48V 12.5Ah/17.5Ah 

Battery make: Reention Dorado +

Total watt hours: 600/840 watt hours

Weight: 4kg approx.

Charger: 2.0 Amp smart charger (with Australian plug)

Extras: USB connection for charging phone/devices etc.

Packing list

1 x battery

1 x keys

1 x charger (if selected)

Note - the battery will fit into the existing battery slot behind the seat.

The battery upgrade allows you to either have a spare 12.5Ah battery or increase your range and battery life. By upgrading to a 17.5Ah battery you gain an additional 240Wh or 40% more range.

Product type - Bike battery