Next Gen Retro City Folding Electric bike [White/Black/Red] **Pre-sale - Due 31/12/21**

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The RETRO CITY is a little pocket rocket folding bike that punches well above its weight. The triangular ergonomic design gives it a futuristic look that will appeal to city commuters. Available in red, white and black the bike has a surprising number of standard features given the price point. Included standard is integrated double LED lighting with a range of 7-8m and a science fiction designed rear lights. If you loved Doctor Who then this might be what you’ve been looking for!

When it comes to folding bikes size does matter and smaller can be better. This bike is light at only 21kg making it highly portable. It fits easily into smaller cars like a Toyota Corolla, and it folds down easily and quickly. With a max load of 120kg this bike can handle most riders weight and is easily adjusted to accommodate taller riders. The ergonomic seat allows for a comfortable ride so you can ride without losing feeling in the tush.

A standout feature of the RETRO STREET is the central shock absorbers. Why should you care about that? Well if you are riding along and hit a bump in the road you have over 315kg of shock absorption protecting you. This means a smoother and more comfortable ride which enhances your enjoyment of the bike. This also makes it safer to ride as you are less likely to get jolted out of your seat. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing when it comes to your daily commute!

The bike comes with three different riding modes: throttle-assist (pure electric mode), pedal-assist mode (electric-assist mode) and no pedal-assist mode (normal mode). This means you can personalise your ride to your fitness or energy levels. This bike is a fun way to commute and will bring a new level of enjoyment to your daily travel.



    MOTOR: 250W brushless hub motor

    BATTERY: 36V, 6Ah (3-4hr charge time)

    GEARS: Standard

    RIDE MODES: Manual, Pedal-assist & Throttle-assist.

    BRAKES: Front & rear disc brakes

    TYRES: 14" solid tyres

    FRAME: High carbon steel

    SUSPENSION: shock absorber

    MAX SPEED: 25km/h

    ESTIMATED RANGE:  50-60km

    EXTRAS: Front and rear mudguards

    SEAT: Standard

    MAX LOAD: 120kg

    NET WEIGHT: 21kg

    WARRANTY: 12 months