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The Smart Air inflator is a portable air compressor/tyre inflator with a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, digital LCD display and 7-hour 80-lumen LED emergency light.

Since most tyres lose air over time you will need inflate it once in a while. The portable air compressor does precisely that, more effectively than its competition.

Gauge pressure

The pressure can be pre-set to any desired pressure between 3 and 150 PSI. Set it and forget it. Walk away and do something else while it's filling your tyre. Also, if you don't like PSI, there are three other units (BAR, KPA, Kg/cm3).

Gauge readability

To get the most wear and mileage out of your tyres, fill them with the optimal amount of pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. This is easily achieved with the  anti-glare LCD screen that displays air pressure clearly in day and night conditions.

Automatic detection and shutoff

The Smart Air inflator will show the current pressure automatically when it turns on. A built-in pressure shutoff can be set to the desired pressure, and the inflator will stop pumping air automatically once the tyre reaches the desired level.

If you want peace of mind when riding your bike knowing that a flat tyre won't slow you down the as this product is just what you're looking for! 


  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery power bank (you can charge your phone from it)
  • Digital LCD display
  • 7-hour 80-lumen LED emergency light
  • 2.5 hour charge time


  • Size - 50mm  x 50mm x 180mm 
  • Weight - 336g

Package details

  • 1 electric air inflator
  • 1 bike mount
  • 1 valve converter
  • 1 ball converter
  • 1 balloon converter
  • 2 screws (for bike mount)
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 velcro strap
  • 2 seal rings (for air tube)
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 slip non-slip mat

Product type: Bike pump