Off-Road Focus Electric Mountain Bike [Black]

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Assembly Difficulty


If you are unsure about bike assembly we would recommend taking it to a bike shop or licenced bike mechanic to assemble


Let Next Gen assemble the bike for you

With everyone being time poor it's great to know that you have the option of fully assembled pickup. This is available for all our local Brisbane customers.

All our bikes come pre-assembled and only require basic assembly but some models can be a little more challenging than others. Each model gives a guide on assembly difficulty along with an approximate assembly time.

If you are having any difficulty with assembly we are only a phone call away. We can work it out together.

For those who don't want to assemble the bike for only $79 we can do it for you.

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Average time to self assemble: 1.5 hours

Rider height

The M600 motor always delivers top performance and is the first choice for modern eMTBs.
"With 100 Nm of torque, this is the motor you want when starting on a tricky off-road slope ...there’s nearly zero lag."

Off-Road Focus

A powerful electric mountain bike made for adventure

The Off-Road Focus is the perfect accessory for riders who like to take things off-road every now and then. A mix of power and precision, with a dash of speed thrown in the mix.

Technical Specifications

What makes the Off-Road Focus a leader in its class

The Off-Road Focus difference

Bafang M600 Motor

With 120 Nm of torque, this motor has serious power to tackle off-road slopes or any urban climb. With almost non-existent lag this motor is a great addition to any bike thanks to the Bafang pursuit of excellence in performance.

The Off-Road Focus difference

High capacity battery

With 48V 13Ah battery you can reach up to 60km on a single charge. The removeable battery also provides convenience for safe recharging with a minimum of fuss.

The Off-Road Focus difference

Dual suspension

With front XCM suspension and rear hydraulic suspension you can smooth out even the roughest of terrain and enjoy riding on any surface.

The Off-Road Focus difference

Hydraulic disc brakes

With the huge torque and power you need brakes that provide real stopping power. The hydraulic disc brakes deliver full brake control systems with power off protective circuits to deliver a safe riding experience.

The Off-Road Focus difference

Integrated Front Headlights

Standard front headlights powered by the battery provide safe riding day and night. With an easily adjustable headlight position you can tailor the light to suit your individual requirements.

The Off-Road Focus difference


Thumb throttle-assist provides extra boost for tired riders or uphill ascents that you can't quite make.

The torque sensor that cuts the power for a split second makes gear changes a lot smoother...

"It's all about the climbing performance, that powerful motor is the big positive for me."