Next Gen Street Smart Folding Electric bike [Black/Green]

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Assembly Difficulty


If you are unsure about bike assembly we would recommend taking it to a bike shop or licenced bike mechanic to assemble


Let Next Gen assemble the bike for you

With everyone being time poor it's great to know that you have the option of fully assembled pickup. This is available for all our local Brisbane customers.

All our bikes come pre-assembled and only require basic assembly but some models can be a little more challenging than others. Each model gives a guide on assembly difficulty along with an approximate assembly time.

If you are having any difficulty with assembly we are only a phone call away. We can work it out together.

For those who don't want to assemble the bike for only $79 we can do it for you.

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Average time to self assemble: 2 hours

Rider height

Value priced, sturdy, and very approachable electric folding bike.

Street Smart

The All-terrain folding bike that is designed for your lifestyle

The Street Smart is a great value for money folding bike that offers real versatility for the rider. Packed with all the features you need to enhance your lifestyle and bring a load of fun and adventure for all riders.

Technical Specifications

What makes the Street Smart a leader in its class

The Street Smart difference

Powerful motor

A fat hub motor in the Rear wheel can crank out a continuous 250 watts of power with the ability to ratchet things up to over 500 peak watts of power for hill climbs and quicker acceleration. This motor has 80 Newton meters of torque.

The Street Smart difference

High battery capacity with optional upgrade

Running on a 48-volt system, as well as a 12.5Ah battery, this bike can reach up to an estimated max of 60km with pedal assist. The locking removeable battery located beneath the bike’s saddle, not only keeps the center of gravity low and overall weight well-balanced, but makes it convenient and easy to charge.

The Street Smart difference

Integrated Front Headlight

Powered off the main battery and controlled by the display, these efficient electric lights ensure safe riding day or night, no matter the time or weather.

The Street Smart difference

Integrated Rear Brake Lights

Be seen and be safe with brake lights that are activated via the main battery. every time the brakes are applied.

The Street Smart difference

160mm Disc Brakes

These brakes are sensitive, but provide efficient and ample force when braking. When riding in harsh conditions; they are swift, and can be relied upon to ensure your safety.

The Street Smart difference

Chain Wheel Cover Guard

The double-sided aluminum bash guard on this model helps protect the chain ring teeth from strikes, while also keeping the chain locked firmly into place. There is also a built in chain guide to reduce the chances of derailing.

The Street Smart difference

Foldable frame

Having a folding feature on the main frame tube and telescoping stem, the trike is able to fold, and be stored away.

The Street Smart difference

Compact Yet Clear Display

Compact yet clear backlight display makes your eyes get all information immediately, like battery capacity, time, pedal assist level, speed, range. Simple is always great.

The Street Smart difference

Comfortable Saddle

With every great ride comes a comfortable saddle. Ensure you make the most of your adventures by travelling in comfort with a saddle that enhances your experience.

A value priced, sturdy electric folding fat tyre bike in 2 frame styles.

"A lot of great features like the included steel fenders, battery integrated lights in the front, gel seat, derailleur guard, and rear rack.."