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The Benefits of electric bikes

Despite the fact we are still battling a worldwide pandemic sales of electric bikes continue to soar. According to Guidehouse insights global e-bike sales are on course to grow from $27.3 billion in 2020 to $47 billion by 2030. In Australia it is a similar picture as consumers continue to choose an alternative to traditional commuting. But why the change and what are the benefits in making the switch?

Here are our top 5 benefits of owning an electric bike:

  1. Saving money on your commute
  2. Sweat less...

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“Cycling is attracting a growing proportion of commuter trips, even for distances over 10km. Attractive, direct, safe and easily understood pathways to major activity centres along key commuter corridors and the provision of end-of-trip facilities in many workplaces has supported this change. Electric bikes are also making cycling a viable option for some in the community, making travelling longer distances possible.”

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5 Reasons why electric bikes are good for the environment

1 - Zero emissions

2 - Preventing air pollution

3 - Saving roadways

4 - Eco-friendly travel

5 - Healthier population

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So what are the hot must have items for your electric bike in 2021? We have scoured the internet and found the latest in must have items. Some are old favourites with a few new entrants into the list. The Lumos Matrix helmet The future is here with the coolest looking helmet ever. A futuristic-looking helmet with a wide range of customised LED animations. You can look be safe and a walking billboard at the same time. This is not cheap at around $250AUD but looking cool is rarely cheap. 2. Busch & Muller Cycle Star E Rearview Mirrors These...

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Studies have shown that you do burn significant calories when riding an electric bike. A test was undertaken where a rider wore a heart rate monitor whilst riding for one-hour over moderately hilly terrain. The same electric bike was riden over the same terrain with the electric bike using a throttle assist on the steeper inclines for the first trip and on the second trip with no electrical assistance. The results were quite surprising. When the rider used the power assist he burned 444kcal over a 1 hour period. When using no power assist he burned 552kcal. So when riding with electrical assistance the result...

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