Those Who Bike Together Stay Together - the Appeal for All Ages

Those Who Bike Together Stay Together - the Appeal for All Ages

The Hidden Benefits of Owning an Ebike

One of the great benefits of electric bikes is how they can bring couples together. Regardless of your ability or fitness levels couples are now hitting the road together and enjoying the great benefits of riding their ebikes.

Unfortunately as we get older our body isn't the machine it once was. Knees creak, backs ache and the thought of riding a bike up a hill has as much appeal as a visit to the dentist. But ebikes are changing all that and bringing the fun back to riding. 

The beauty of electric bikes is that it allows couples to spend quality time together, get out into nature and enjoy each others company. Suddenly with a little assistance riding a bike for 10km is no longer the daunting prospect it once was.

Parents Leading the Way

Funnily enough my parents were the ones who got into electric bikes a couple of years ago and they haven't looked back. The foldable ebike model allows them to easily pack their bikes up into their camper van and hit the road. Once they have reached their destination they can both go out exploring on their bikes together. They love it and can't speak highly enough about what fun they are to ride!

My mother had a mountain bike sitting in the garage gathering dust. After a knee replacement it was too difficult to ride a conventional bike in comfort but with a technological assist (pedal assist mode) she is regularly riding her bike and enjoying it pain free. 

The best thing about the ebike is that it levels out the riders ability. The stronger rider has no advantage over a less experienced or less abled rider. This means that one rider doesn't get left behind while the faster rider becomes frustrated. Both riders can ride at the same pace and this means it is much more enjoyable experience that can be shared.