Top 5 eBike Accessories for 2021

Top 5 eBike Accessories for 2021

So what are the hot must have items for your electric bike in 2021? We have scoured the internet and found the latest in must have items. Some are old favourites with a few new entrants into the list.

  1. The Lumos Matrix helmet

The future is here with the coolest looking helmet ever. A futuristic-looking helmet with a wide range of customised LED animations. You can look be safe and a walking billboard at the same time. This is not cheap at around $250AUD but looking cool is rarely cheap.


2. Busch & Muller Cycle Star E Rearview Mirrors

These premium rearview mirrors offer a larger reflective surface than standard models. German engineered, easily adjusted with shatterproof these are a great addition to any safety conscious rider.

Coming it at around 30EUR they won't break the bank and can be mounted over or under the handlebars. 

Sehr gut!!

bike mirror

3. Swagman Retro Basket

This weather-resistant finely woven plastic coated steel basket was voted best basket by over 14k users.

With a carrying weight of around 5kg it is great for transporting items including groceries, pets and personal items. Imported from the US it is around $130AUD.


4. Abus Bordo Alarm + Abus SmartX Bluetooth U-Lock

The fair of theft of your prized electric bike is a very real concern. Unfortunately a determine thief will find a way to break your lock. The Abus finds a balance between convenience and security.

The idea of this product is to make it really inconvenient to steal. What makes this combination shine is the strength of the U-lock, the flexibility of the folding lock, and the sheer annoyance of having two loud motion-sensing alarms.

This combination allows the owner to secure the rear wheel and frame with the U-lock, while the less expensive front wheel and frame again are secured by the folding lock. Better yet, the folding lock is thin enough that it can slip between my saddle’s rails, making it easy to secure the seatpost and saddle while being far more secure than a cable lock. And as this particular U-lock is all digital, you don’t have to worry about expert lockpickers either.

The cherry on top are the alarms. As both locks feature alarms (which are smart enough to tell the difference between an innocent bump and nefarious behavior), anyone wanting to so much as tamper with your bike will be met with an infuriating cacophony. Though the locks themselves only physically secure a few key components the alarms mean the lights, pedals, phone mounts, and other accessories are far less likely to be stolen.

You don’t need these exact locks to get a similar level of flexibility and security, mind you. You could buy separate heavy-duty folding locks, U-Locks, and alarms, for instance.

5. Redshift ShockStop Suspension Seatpost

This ultra-responsive seat is a quality Seatpost, designed for any rider. You get 35mm of travel and infinitely adjustable preload stiffness adjustment.

This Seatpost also looks the sleek not too bulky and no rubber or coils exposed to the elements. This is the perfect suspension Seatpost for any road, gravel, or e-bike. With the easy tension adjustment, you do not risk losing the power you are putting down to the pedals.

The only issue is that the price tag is rather high at 229USD, ouch. It all depends how you value the comfort of your ride and if you have enough cush in the tush.