Cargo bike Battery 48V 11.6/14/17Ah Battery

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Battery upgrade suitable for Cargo Plus and Cargo Titan electric bikes.

Battery specifications

Battery size: 48V 11.6/14/17Ah  

Battery make: Reention Dorado +

Total watt hours: 556.8/672/816 watt hours

Weight: 4kg approx.

Charger: 2.0 Amp smart charger (with Australian plug)

Extras: USB connection for charging phone/devices etc.

Packing list

1 x battery

1 x charger

Note - the battery will fit into the existing battery slot below the central frame. The existing key lock will work so no keys are required.

The battery upgrade allows you to extend your bike range and or provide a spare battery should you want to travel further or use if you forget to charge your bike overnight.

Product type - Bike battery